Information for residents living in our conservation areas


Part of the role of the BCAAC is to spread awareness about the conservations areas and their importance. This part of the website is designed for members of the public who want to learn more about where they live, along with the planning system, and our role within it.

Planning Objections

We can help in objecting to planning applications on heritage grounds.

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Our Conservation Areas

Learn more about the history and importance of our conservation areas, and the threats that they currently face. Find out if your address falls within one of our conservation areas.

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Threats to our Heritage

After a period of relative stability, we are facing some significant threats to our heritage.

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The Planning System

Learn about the planning system, and our and your role within it. Learn about planning law, policy, and the role of consultations and the council.

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Our Work

Learn about our work - what we do from day to day, and developments that we are currently involved with. Find out about our projects, past and completed.

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What can I do?

Find out about how the community play a vital role in monitoring a conservation area and reporting breaches. Learn about what to keep an eye out for and how to report it.

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