Our Conservation Areas

The Bloomsbury Conservation Areas are seven conservation areas in the heart of historic London

We were initially formed as a CAAC for the Bloomsbury Conservation Area, but have grown to now act as a CAAC for a total of seven conservation areas. For convenience, we refer to them as the Bloomsbury Conservation Areas so that our name is the Bloomsbury Conservation Areas Advisory Committee.

Our Conservation Areas are listed below, along with a map:


Designated: 1968 | Location: Bloomsbury, Holborn | Threat Level: Substantial

The Bloomsbury Conservation Area is of international significance, and is described by Camden as being their 'most prestigious' conservation area. It covers all of Bloomsbury proper, whilst spreading as far south as Chancery Lane. It is rich in architectural heritage and social history, but is at significant threat of destruction from inappropriate development.

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Charlotte Street

Designated: 1973 | Location: Fitzrovia | Threat Level: Moderate

The Charlotte Street Conservation Area covers the main commercial area in Fitzrovia, including Charlotte Street and Goodge Street. It is home to many interesting independent businesses housed on the ground floors of Georgian terraces. Although not under significant threat from development, its urban fabric has slowly decayed and there is no plan to make repairs or restorations.

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Denmark Street

Designated: 1984 | Location: St Giles' | Threat Level: Substantial

The Denmark Street Conservation Area covers Denmark Street and some surrounding streets, in St Giles'. Denmark Street was famous for its association with the music industry, and remnants of that heritage can still be seen today in some surviving independent music shops, mainly selling guitars. It is under significant threat from redevelopment, in part due to Crossrail.

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Fitzroy Square

Designated: 1968 | Location: Fitzrovia | Threat Level: Low

The Fitzroy Square Conservation Area covers Fitzroy Square and surrounding streets in Fitzrovia. The square itself is a rare survival of a complete Georgian Square, designed by the Adam brothers, whilst the surrounding area mainly comprises Georgian terraces. The area is not under any significant threat.

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Hanway Street

Designated: 1989 | Location: Fitzrovia | Threat Level: Moderate

The Hanway Street Conservation Area is a small conservation area in the southeastern tip of Fitzrovia. It is an isolated hidden area, of two narrow roads strongly reminiscent of 'Victorian' London. It is at moderate risk due to slow decay with no real plan for restoration.

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Designated: 1981 | Location: Holborn | Threat Level: Low

The Kingsway Conservation Area covers the Kingsway and its buildings. It retains its original Edwardian character of large commercial architecture. It faces few risks due to its strong character and already tall height.

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Seven Dials

Designated: 1974 | Location: Covent Garden | Threat Level: Low

The Seven Dials Conservation Area covers Seven Dials and roads towards the northeast. It is a densely packed mixed-use area, home to interesting independent businesses, and an extraordinarily well-preserved historic street environment. It has been saved and restored outstandingly by the Seven Dials Trust and its precursors, after the area was faced with total demolition in the 1970s, and is now the least at risk of our conservation areas thanks to their guardianship.

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Map of our Conservation Areas

You can explore our conservation areas using an interactive map which can be found here. It is currently in 'development phase' which means you may encounter some errors when using it.